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Becky Holloway

Ed Holloway

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Becky & Ed Holloway
Canadian Legacy Gypsy Horse Farm
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Videos on our Farm

Welcome to our Video and PowerPoint Gallery. We currently have the following gypsy horse videos and presentations. Click the link to open the page with the video or presentation on it and we hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them. We took the sound out to make the file size smaller and the videos or presentation will start as soon as the page is loaded.

The Videos...

Gondor the Stallion Bareback

Gondor again with slowmo

I can do it Mom! (a must see :)

A true test to the Gypsy temperment

Stallion trot in hand

Lady Eloquence's has arrived...sooo cute!

On Your Mark Get Set GO!!

Horsin' Around

mmm Treats


Flowing Canter

Showing Off

Spring Time Gallop

Mommmm!! Legacy's chasing me!!

A trot by glance

The John Deere Stalker!

Big Charm in Motion

Little Foot vs. Future Big Foot

Best Friends Forever

A wee bit wobbly as Whisper watches

Running with the Girls

Mother and Daughter going for a Trot

Come Here Legacy!

Lad's Welcome Video

I believe I can RUN...sort of...maybe...

The Presentations...

A Presentation Dedicated to CLGH Legacy!

A Presentation of all of the beautiful CLGH Gypsy Horses!

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