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Becky Holloway

Ed Holloway

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Becky & Ed Holloway
Canadian Legacy Gypsy Horse Farm
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     Hi everyone, Just wanted to let the whole world know that Ed & Becky are the greatest people on the planet. We puchased 3 Gypsy Horses from them and since that first visit on New Years Day 2007 they have made us feel like family ! We Can't say enough about them and there awesome Children. We are enjoying our Gypsy Horses so much ! We wish Ed & Becky & the rest of the crew all the best ! Sincerely, Nathan & Holly Penner at - Prairie Thunder Ranch !

      Hi there Ed and Becky! Well here we are a day after our 6new Gypsy girls arrived. Thank you so much for coming up yesterday to see their safe arrival and make sure they were safe in our hands. You have both been so amazing through this whole journey from our first contact last October to the delivery of our girls yesterday, Feb 5/08. This is a huge deal, not only financially but also just the logistics of getting the horses from Europe to Saskatoon...You handled everthing from start to finish and without you...we would never had the confidence to do it on our own.

We so look forward to working with you as we introduce Canada to these amazing horses!!

Love from the Nygaards...Dale, Brandon, Kirsten, Morgan and Fallon @ North Fork Gypsy Cobs

     Becky & Ed. I am so very thankful that Diego & Phoenix brought us together. You are amazing people, who have an abundance of love and respect for your horses! You have true eye for the breed Becky, and offer to assist those, with the untrained eye! Ha-ha you’re both the right people for the job, the gentle, kind, friendly, and a little goofy. Your Personality is a perfect fit with the Gypsy Vanners. :) I began on a quest for one Gypsy Vanners about 5 month ago. My husband and I spent hours on the internet looking for a mare to breed. I spoke to Becky a few times regarding this one and that one. So my husband and I took a trip down the CLGH. Wow what an amazing place! Never in my life have I ever, seen such amazing horses……..they all took my breath away. With in minutes Becky and I were in the pen giving the mares belly rubs!! Needless to say we were back the next day putting a deposit on our little filly Phoenix. Then I decided to go to the US to look at some other stock. Becky encouraged me to go and take a look. I saw about 200 Gypsy Vanners in one weekend and just three were amazing. I immediately understood the encouragement, from Becky. How proud you should be Miss Becky to have such an eye, and such impeccable taste, not to mention the stock to prove it. With in 3 weeks of our return home, we purchased Diego! With in three days of having Phoenix and Diego, We have decided to put a hold on the production of our public stables, and just breed our own Gypsy Vanners……….with a little help from my friends. I know where to find the best stock!!!

All the best to you both :)

Amanda & Deren
Carley & Alana

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