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Becky & Ed Holloway
Legacy Ridge Equine Facility


Legacy Ridge Equine Facility

Why Legacy Ridge is Different

There are many horse boarding operations in and around the city. Many have their advantages over others. Some are for Western, some English, some are very cost effective, and some have a desirable location. At Legacy Ridge, we are a truly multi-discipline, happy and friendly environment, that focuses on horse care, health and safety. Here are a few of the many points that makes Legacy Ridge different from the rest:

  • Horses are checked four times a day, everyday (extra checks on the nasty days)
  • We feed top quality free choice hay
  • We roll out our bales, so, No bale feeders to get hurt on or fight over
  • Waterers checked daily to make sure they are functioning correctly and clean
  • Waterers are cleaned twice a week to ensure the water is always fresh and clean
  • All waterers are heated
  • All fences are checked daily and repaired on the spot
  • All fencing is safe 3 rail wood (no dangerous metal or wire)
  • All stall walls are white and scrubbed clean daily
  • Livery act states the barn must be bleached twice a year, we do it every week
  • We have strict biosecurity and quarantine procedures
  • We have all manure hauled off site
  • All our arenas are maintained daily for fresh beautiful footing
  • All stalls have thick soft stall mats installed
  • We have staff on site 24/7
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