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Becky Holloway

Ed Holloway

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Becky & Ed Holloway
Legacy Ridge Equine Facility


Legacy Ridge Equine Facility

Chris Collins

"Hi for those interested people, here's my story and I'm sticking to it !!! It all began when my loving and innocent father asked the following question: "Do you want to go and ride a horse?" W-e-l-l, what 7 year old girl wouldn't say "YES,YES,YES". (to this day, my father states that he regrets asking that question ! )

I started riding at an hourly rental stable and soon grew to love a very calculating and sly pony named Ques-y (he had a blaze that looked like a question mark). As we tore thru dense trees and under single-rail fence gates, I learned how to stay ON a horse. As time progressed, I learned how to RIDE a horse. I started to take lessons from a variety of wonderful and encouraging instructors.

My dressage training was concentrated with Dr Otto Bode. Dr Bode selected his students with success in mind and he once said to me that he was quite pleased to acknowledge that he had 2 Olympians ( Ian Millar and Bonny Bonnello ) and two dressage judges ( Mona Bonnello and myself ) in his group of students..

While competing seriously ( before University and family and business took precedence), my horse, Mo's Driftwood, and I accumulated a number of awards in the dressage ring, Arab 'A' circuit, and open show circuit --- National Basic Seat Medal, National Basic/Medium Dressage Championship as well as qualifying for the Royal Winter Fair in English Pleasure, English Equitation, Show Hack.

Over the past 20 years, I have put energy into judging, coaching and instructing 4-H, Pony Club, competitive and recreational dressage riders, eventers, jumpers, reiners, endurance riders, para-dressage riders, as well as competitors in various breed disciplines such as Thoroughbred, Arab, Morgan, Tennessee Walker, Warmbloods, Pinto. Some of these students have had the opportunity to compete not only locally, provincially, nationally but also Internationally ( International University/College Students Games, Arab Cdn & US Nationals, Morgan Cdn & US Nationals )---- and I'm like a proud mother/aunt in that regard !!! FUN STUFF

I truly enjoy working with every being ( human or equine ) I have the opportunity to exchange ideas with. Each horse/rider combination warrants individual attention and approach.

My credo is that the rider's position in the saddle dictates how the horse is going to behave (or misbehave ! ) The horse tells us and any on-lookers what we are doing right OR doing wrong. We need to LISTEN to our horses.

My credentials are: Equine Canada Basic Dressage Judge Equine Canada Level III 3-Day Eventing Official Judge (one of 5 in Canada) Equine Canada Eventing Jumper Judge I have judged and/or given clinics in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and New York. I am looking forward to the opportunity to judge and/or give clinics in PEI and the Caribbean in the next year ( I hope the Caribbean experience takes place when Alberta is in a deep-freeze !!! )"

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